WORDCOUNTER (word and character wordcounter)
Wordcounter (word, character and word frequency counter): paste your text below and count the number of words, and calculate the wordfrequency of each word in the text.
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Use of the wordcounter:

With this online wordcounter, you can count the words and characters of any text. Ideal for students for an essay (with minimum or maximum number of words..). The wordcounter-tool can be used with very large texts, as all the calculations are done localy (by your browser). the text is not posted or uploaded to a server (which keeps it safe for you to use!!).

Wordfrequency The frequency of a word counted is the total number of times the word appears in the text. The words in the resulttable are sorted by the frequency of words (descending), so the most used word at the top. You can change the sorting by clicking the table titles. This allows you to sort the words alphabetically, by frequency, or by word length (longest or shortest first).

Webbloggers tip:A blogger strives for optimal text with a certain number of words, to score with content aswell as for SEO. Do you want your blog to be optimally found in search engines, write texts that at least 250-400 words count, and limit your articles to +-1000 words (if the wordcount>1000 , then break the article into multiple blog posts).